Sunday, November 29, 2009

Over Arching Theme

Room to breath is one of those gems in life that I have always found hard to attain. As a society we crowd each other, trying our hardest to connect and remove boundaries. It is comforting to have such close relations and deep-rooted ties, but there are times when social interaction no longer benefits the individual. Overstimulation can act as the destruction of productivity, constructive behavior and an overall wellbeing. Art, to me, therefore serves as an outlet from these social binds. It is a reason to disconnect from my immediate surroundings in order to reflect upon my own thoughts and concerns. The creative process provides me with enough space and objectivity to work out such concerns since I am able to let go of any weight I carry and any ties I feel confined to. This meditative experience translates into the physicality of my work. In a simple and open setting, the objects I choose to display express the complexities in my mind, which I have chosen to examine. Each composition is set up to achieve control, balance and tranquility.

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